CRM started marketing beef in 1999. At that time, the Jacober family was in the construction business in the Roaring Fork Valley and looking for a path back to their agriculture and land stewardship roots. Growing up on a cattle and sheep farm in southern Colorado, the Jacober kids were raised with the utopic values of caring for the land and animals above all else. Those values remain as the driving force behind CRM with the addition of caring for our consumers.

our-storyAs the business grew from the infancy of 2 head of cattle in 1999 through exponential expansion as the grass-fed market grew along with consumer education, these values provided the underpinning of the business decisions, cattle sourcing, and land stewardship practices employed along the way.  By 2011, CRM had grown to a size and complexity that enabled the Jacobers to close the construction business and focus solely on agriculture.

Through the next few years, CRM continued expansive growth and entered partnerships with Whole Foods, Natural Grocers, Aspen Ski Company, many food service vendors, and local restaurants. As growth continued, CRM began to feel the challenge of limited land availability in the Roaring Fork valley as well as logistical concerns in a resort based economy. CRM began searching for agriculture land in Colorado that could fit the growth pattern of the business as well as provide an opportunity to expand the land stewardship and preservation values that the company was founded on.

In 2014, CRM acquired approximately 5000 acres of farmland in the San Luis valley in Southern Colorado. The land acquisition enables CRM to practice long-preached land stewardship values of focus on soil health, crop rotation, intensive grazing practices, and efficient irrigation systems. The farm now produces approximately 90% of the feed for the 3500 head of cattle that CRM raises as well as a substantial amount of grazing. CRM continues to operate in the Roaring Fork Valley that we call home, allowing our cattle to graze the high mountain meadows during the summer months.

CRM is currently the largest grass-fed beef and lamb producer in the state and continues to practice what we preach- impeccable land stewardship, unwavering animal welfare, and a healthy, sustainably produced, local  food source.

Our Cattle

Crystal River Meats cattle are some of the luckiest on earth! Instead of being shipped off to feedlots at 9 months old, they spend their entire lives on our ranches. Once weaned from their mothers, CRM cattle have access to the highest quality grass and forage in the world. Whether grazing the high mountain meadows of western Colorado in the summers or eating a diet consisting of nutritional hay during the winter, they are always provided with the healthiest diet available.
We start with superior genetics consisting of British breed cattle, predominately Angus and Hereford mixes. By selecting only the top cattle each year, CRM is able to produce consistent quality food products for our consumers. Through adherence to strict handling standards and meticulous attention to herd health, we value animal husbandry above all else. Our cattle are our lifeblood and are treated as such. When you pick up a package of the best grass-fed beef in the world, you can be sure that the animal that it came from was one of the lucky ones!

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