The Sizzle

Our Tips for Cooking Crystal River Meats!

It is probably safe to say that good beef cooking practices are pretty universal, and maybe even more so with grassfed beef. There are many many (many, many) resources available (blogs, association websites, supplier websites, etc) that provide information. We are going to try and provide you with the basics of what we think will help you create a delicious meal with our grassfed beef. This page on our site will also be a place that you can find posts about exciting recipes we have tried and want to share with you!

Some pointers:

Cook hot and fast – it is best to cook your grassfed steaks and burgers on high heat. Never put your beef in a pan that is not HOT! And don’t be afraid to use a little oil in the pan or even on the beef, grassfed beef is naturally much leaner than traditional beef and a little oil can go a long way towards a perfectly cooked steak! Additionally, it is a good idea to sear your roasts to trap the moisture if you plan to cook in the oven. This works especially well when using a crock pot!

Don’t overcook your grassfed beef – use the advice above but also remember that the meat continues to cook a little bit once taken off the heat. Keep this in mind to avoid overcooking.

Have a thermometer handy and watch the temperature – grass fed beef can cook faster than traditional beef and can go from perfectly cooked to overcooked fairly quickly, especially if you aren’t paying attention!

To ensure you have a tender chewing experience, cut your meat thinly and against the grain – it will melt in your mouth!

Have fun! If you haven’t cooked a lot of grassfed beef before, consider this a new adventure. We can’t wait to hear what deliciousness you come up with!


You will see down below (and on every product page, downloadable when you check out) that we have some recipes that can help give you ideas for some of your meal creations.

Also, the American Grassfed Association, one of the programs we participate in, has some information on cooking grassfed beef and some recipes as well:

Just remember, you have a high quality, healthful cut of meat in your hands. The best thing to do is cook it with care!